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Owner & Lead Designer

Emily Neuhoff Hestdalen is a classically-trained and highly-experienced interior designer raised and residing right here in Nashville. Her sole purpose in founding ENH Interiors in 2018, after five years of honing her skills at a multi-designer residential firm, was to create more personal connections with her clients, and to help them create the homes of their dreams!  


With a lifelong passion for the arts and crafts, she enrolled at the prestigious Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design in 2010. Her time in historic Savannah fostered Emily’s appreciation for the preservation of history through design. She relished her quaint southern surroundings and their rich architectural traditions and strove to imbue her designs with timeless and classic elements. SCAD trained her to reuse and repurpose whenever possible, not only to preserve the integrity of a structure, but also to conserve materials and cut costs. 

Upon graduating from SCAD, Emily returned to Nashville and has lived and worked here ever since. She began her professional career as an intern at a commercial studio, where she honed the skills she had acquired at SCAD and became proficient in the scheduling and communication practices needed to complete a design job. While Emily enjoyed her experience working in the world of commercial design, she quickly realized that residential interior design was her true calling.

Emily had a dream of connecting with clients on a more personal level and making a lasting difference in their lives. What better way to do that than to help them love the place they call home! After five years of sharpening her skills at a firm specializing in Residential New Construction, Remodels and Furnishings, Emily had gained the requisite expertise and confidence to strike out on her own.  With her family's support, and with the trust and loyalty of several builders and personal clients, ENH Interiors became a reality!

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